Health & Wellness Associates Inc. is committed to being socially responsible and creating awareness for causes focused on nutrition and healthcare. We are donating 2% of our pretax profits to charitable organizations promoting these objectives, close to our hearts. We endeavor to educate and be informative striving to make a difference for generations to come.

Despite the United States being the wealthiest country in the world it is estimated that a staggering 12% of the population struggle with hunger. Sadly, more than 40 million Americans each year rely on food banks. Of the 40 million, 12 million are children and 7 million are elderly. These statistical facts predate our current catastrophic pandemic, which only exacerbates the issue.
Also surprising is despite unacceptably high hunger and malnutrition rates, large numbers of people suffer from obesity. The statistics are staggering. The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that in the U.S. nearly 40% of adults aged 20 and over were obese (including 8% with severe obesity) and that another 32% were overweight.
Part of sustainability is education about healthier food choices and eating habits. This should start at a young age. One of our concerns is fast food school lunches have stubbornly perpetuated regardless of its negative aspects. Promotion of a better wellness will serve children well throughout their lives and have an impact on society.

At Health & Wellness we believe that achieving healthcare goals is not simply a dietary task rather multi-faceted. Nutrition is but one aspect, requiring unification of mind, body & soul. They are all interrelated as physical, biological and mental affect each other in more ways than one can imagine.

We remain steadfast in our mission and strive for change in our lifetime. We are just one voice but choose to be heard.